An excellent service, born from the meeting between the latest technological innovations and our expertise in metal working and processing of both metallic and non-metallic materials.


Here at Iricif, we have innovative technologies for tube and frame laser cutting, without forgetting the importance the human component plays behind the machine. We have been working for years with trusted employees who master the secrets ofthe different technologies and tools to the point of having fully interiorized them in their wealth of knowledge.

Our expertise in metalworking led us to look for stainless-steel laser cutting systems of the best quality. A real revolution, allowing us to meet our customers’ needs and technical requirements by providing the most appropriate solutions according to the functions and application field of the items processed.

Our metal tube laser cutting service: how itworks

Here at Iricif, innovation is our calling. An approach which led us to become professionals in stainless-steel tube and piping laser cutting.

An efficient tube laser cutting system which allowed us to minimize the most critical manual operations, thus optimizing our production process on the whole.

From design to the processing of complex geometries, such as grooves, markings, holes and slots, we operate on a wide range of materials and shapes to provide high-quality services able to improve the whole production process, including the final assembly of the items processed.

Thanks to our 3200w cutting machines, we are able to carry out laser cutting on stainless steel pipes up to 6 mm of thickness and cross sections inscribable in a diameter of 150mm.

And there is more: our production system is equipped so as to load and unload bars automatically (up to a length of 6000 mm and 2000 mm respectively), thus allowing to schedule multiple operations in one single cycle and hence improving precision and productivity while shortening processing time.

Benefits of tube laser cutting

  • No need for special tools or fixing plates; no more swarf;

  • Suitable for complex cutting;

  • High-precision cutting, welding compatibility;

  • Highly-flexible manufacturing process;

  • Optimization of design and manufacturing time;

  • Automated loading and unloading;

  • Minimized bar-end swarf.