Where final products take shape


In addition to laser cutting and bending of sheets, tubes and frames, our company also deals with the assembly of the items manufactured.

An essential step in the production cycle, where various components are assembled according to a specific design. We weld and fix, expertly giving shape to thefinal product.


Assembling finished components is a further corner stone of our job, conceived to meet our customers’ needs in terms of functionality. From concept to finishing, we carry out a complete production cycle to ensure in-house management of each phase.

At their work stations, our operators assemble and weld, giving life to the finished products. Thanks to their thorough knowledge in processing, handling and assembling materials, they master both TIG and MIG/MAG welding technologies.

A process carried out by taking advantage of clamping systems integrated in each welding work station to minimize the risk of mechanical deforming related to assembling metal parts.


  • Welding operation carried out entirely in-house

  • Customer support from the design to the manufacturing of the end item