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Our commitment is strong and concrete, like the materials we deal with

Our expertise focuses on metal working and stainless-steel processing, but over time we have improved our skills, investing in new technologies which, like our Brescia-based plant, are constantly evolving.

For over a century, the constant search for excellence has led us to become a point of reference for the processing and cutting of the widest range of materials possible: from stainless-steel sheet and tube laser cutting, to water jet cutting, spanning from aluminum and rubber to marble and titanium.

In a mix of development and tradition, we work efficiently and with utmost precision. Because, as our brand suggests, we like to dot the i's.

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Living up to standards by experience

Tube laser cutting

We have state-of-art technologies for laser cutting of stainless steel tubes and tubes. Thanks to our laser cutting system, we conduct multiple machining operations in a single cycle and complex cutting profiles. Joints, markings, holes and slots, designed to offer ideal solutions for different technical needs.

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Sheet metal laser cutting

In our company in Cologne, we cut stainless steel sheets, ensuring high precision in machining, optimised times and resources and cuts without burrs. A service enriched by the possibility to make cuts on drawings created by our design office or provided by the customer.

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Water jet cutting

Versatile and effective, our plant – equipped with innovative machinery and water-jet cutting robots – allows us to carry out precise processing with impeccable details on a wide variety of both metallicand non-metallic materials. A technology which we have been using for decades and which brought us to become professional experts in the field of water jet cutting.

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Our company’s professional equipment and our bending press machine allow us to carry out metal bending in full safety by using state-of-the-art systems. The ideal solution for those looking for functionality, precision and processing speed, regardless of material and thickness.

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Each semi finished piece under goes a finishing treatment carried out by means of an automated satin finish machine. Thanks to our artisanal care and by using specific electric and hydraulic equipment, we can obtain the best finishing effects possible, for high-quality products.

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We weld, fix and finally shape your end product, managing the whole process. A fundamental step in which we put together all components as per designs pecifications, thus minimizing the risk of unwanted deforming.

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Our working tools

What makes our metal working plant really stand out is our special equipment, essential to process with utmost precision various kinds of metal and other materials: from specific metalworking tools to laser cutting and water jet cutting machines.

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Rely on the experience of people who always like
to dot the i’s

In our company, located in Cologne (Brescia, Italy) we carry out high-precision metal working projects, third-party stainless-steel cutting and water jet cutting. Our commitment is to deliver technical solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

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