Our company

A reference point in metal and materials processing

For three generations, we have been operating in the metalworking industry to meet our customers’ needs concretely. We do this by offering a complete and thorough processing cycle, relying on a staff made of trusted employees.

Our technological evolution: between tradition and innovation

The value of our company, located in Cologne (BS, Italy) lies in constant technological improvement, combined with an artisanal approach to each process. One of our strong points is the ability to master the processing of stainless steel and other metals and materials by laser cutting, bending and welding.

The tangible result of such an approach lies in the extremely wide range of customization options, without forgetting the human component. This is why, together with our team of highly specialized technicians, we support our customers in every phase of the project: from design to manufacturing to suggest the best solutions and deliver effective performance and impeccable services.

Our history

How it all began

Iricif's path has its roots in the early twentieth century. A journey which began in a small workshop dedicated to the construction of freight and passenger wagons. An ancient work, committed to one goal only, that is, crafts manship of thehighest quality.

It is with this purpose in mind that, over time, our family switched to iron processing, changing tool and resources, until it reached its ultimate turning point in 1976, when Iricif took its definitive path towards the processing of stainless steel.

The first big step towards a future yet to be written. Because the only way to evolve is to aim at ever-higher quality standards by investing in technologies and human resources, always maintaining a strong bond with centuries-old tradition.